Why Us

Your Triple Jump stems from Cranfield School of Management (one of the oldest business schools in the UK and Europe); where the founders did their MBAs. Such disciplines as B2B-marketing, Strategy and Identifying Hidden Customer's Needs, were brilliantly taught during the classes.  In parallel, Cranfield has always been known for its deep connections with various industries, especially Manufacturing.  In these conducive conditions the idea to bring a ‘fresh infusion’ of B2B-marketing approaches into practice was born and greatly encouraged by the University.

Your Triple Jump are advocates of professional and industrial specialization; so, even within B2B, our offering is restricted to just a few lovingly-perfected services including, Voice of the Customer (VOC), Retention, Segmentation and Value Proposition, even further enhanced by an industrial focus (on Manufacturing and Business Services).  


Delivering our services, we leverage the power of Academia. In particular, we obtain customers’ insights not only via traditional focus-groups and interviews, but also using the most up-to-date Social Science research, for example, ethnographic research and repertory grid interviews. We also bring fresh ideas and proprietary approaches to accessing and engaging in research with hard to reach audiences (from CFOs or HR Directors, to architects or lab technicians, depending on the specifics of your business).  


We also specialize in Market Research and Market Entrance or Market Expansion strategies for Russian-speaking countries including Russia and CIS countries. These states, once parts of the notorious USSR, are nowadays actively developing territories, with growing consumption and derived B2B-industries. We regularly help European and American companies to expand into Russian-speaking markets, facilitating all stages of the journey - from a quick market scan to helping with searching for distributors or developing a marketing mix. Our advantages: we have a fully-fledged Russian-speaking research and business development team; we understand the business cultures of ex-USSR countries; but we are a UK-based company, speaking English and German, and operating according to British business standards and law. With YourTripleJump, you really do get the best of both worlds.

Results in B2B Marketing

We Identify Customers' Hidden Needs