Obtaining Testimonials and Creating Case Studies

In the conservative world of B2B, testimonials and case studies are crucial and powerful tools to build credibility. The importance of these B2B marketing tools has been reinforced within the B2C world too, by the all-pervading activity of writing and reading reviews and recommendations. People trust the opinions and want to read about the experiences of their peers; the same people often make decisions in B2B.

Creating a B2B case study, or arranging written or video testimonials, might seems like a simple assignment at first glance. In reality, it presents an array of organisational, communicational and creative challenges. The materials should be data-driven, captivating and well-presented; sometimes the relevant in-house capabilities are not available and as a result, these brilliant tools are overlooked.

At Your Triple Jump, we recognise the power of customer testimonials and case studies and would be happy to create them for you, working in conjunction with your employees and customers.

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