B2B Market Research and Identifying Hidden Customers' Needs

B2B Market Research and Identifying Hidden Customers' Needs

Being ‘specialization fiends’, Your Triple Jump developed our expertise specifically in Qualitative B2B Market Research. Along with the traditional and well-known (but not less effective!) in-depth interviews and focus groups, we also rely heavily on so-called ‘new’ methods, including ethnographic research and repertory grid interviews. Your Triple Jump combines strict science, industrial expertise and a bit of creativity.

We strongly believe that there is no need to justify B2B market research per se; nevertheless, we know that many B2B executives cannot recollect how many years ago any such activities took place.

Some companies rely on ‘being in the industry for many years’ and ‘working hand in glove’ with their customers. However laudable, such closeness has not saved many great businesses from failing.

Many B2B customers do not tend to think about the products or services that they rely on, as long as they are ‘fit for purpose’. Customers are generally not aware of their hidden needs and so do not articulate them – but a customer approached by a suitor who has identified these needs will leave a long-standing supplier all too easily. 

What happens if a business fails to apply proper B2B market research before launching a new product or service?

The Museum of Failure showcases, with brutal cruelty, hundreds of failed products and services; a fair share of them flopped due to a poor understanding of their customers.

Don’t let their customer journey lead them out of the door.

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